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IFM introduction

When considering an ecstatic sensory experience such as orgasm, it seems obvious to me that the approach to such a task should at least attempt to venerate the experience. The site has been founded to present orgasm to you in a context that we feel befits it, and the individuals experiencing it at the time.

The participants on IFM contribute for varying reasons. As Werner Heisenberg realised way back in 1927, the very act of observation alters the object observed; and here, as with atomic physics, so too does the rule apply. So the voyeur plays a crucial part in this reciprocal experience. Some contribute because theyre exhibitionists who revel in the idea of having the camera and the worlds eyes upon them. It intensifies their orgasm and can be the sole source of their fantasies to achieve it. Others contribute because they feel orgasm, though usually intensely private, is worth sharing in this manner if it generates a greater understanding of how to give and receive them. More, still, because they have an uninhibited spirit and are driven by an urge to try new things.

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But why create a site with ordinary people sharing their orgasms in varying stages of undress? For one - and Ill be totally honest now - watching someone orgasm is an intensely erotic experience, that becomes increasingly addictive. When their climax breaks forth, the contortions of their face, the convulsions of their body, forces you to be swept into the contributors abandonment and ecstasy; and without disturbing the private intimacy, you share a moment akin to that which only lovers share. Sometimes the journey they draw you into is sweet, soft and slow; at other times its visceral, voracious almost violent, but it is always beautiful and always a privilege. Its all really rather hedonistic, and as far as pleasure seeking goes, orgasm is at its pinnacle.

But we do have some altruistic intent. Orgasm is no mean feat, for some it is not experienced to it's fullest, and for others, not at all. The importance of unrepressive positive sexual attitudes can not be underestimated in creating a happy, healthy, orgasmic society. The anorgasmic condition can obviously be a consequence of our physical and mental health. However it can also be caused by negative body/self image. So the same way that the waif supermodel female image in mainstream media is considered responsible for eating disorders and poor body image, the typical characteristics of those in mainstream porn, along with the rendition of orgasm and perhaps sex in totality, could also be responsible for feelings of sexual inadequacy. This could have the effect of inhibiting the everyday girl and guys ability to feel truly and exhilaratingly sexy, just the way the are. I believe good orgasms are everybodys innate and undeniable right! To cause such negative effects is a most reprehensible offence, and it is our intention to go some way towards counteracting it.

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So inside us all is that naughty, cavorting sexual divinity, and I say come with me and set them free.

~ Liandra

member testimonials

"Congratulations! what you have achieved is art, pure erotic art with a capital A. Deep deep captivating arousing and absolutely frustrating ;-) art. Bravo! "

"I just wanted to say that this site, and your other two, are fantastic. They are so elegant and well done, so intimate, and beautiful. They are a huge turn on, especially IFM. I don't understand why other sites have to be so unreal, fake, and disrespectful to women. You have done something quite amazing. I would love to know what you have planned next? Any thoughts of doing things live, or connecting users in some way?"
›› John

"I would like to express my appreciation and thanks , for what can only be described as a truly beautiful experience for the viewer. I have trawled many sex web-sites, in reality, searching for something sensitive and visually inspiring but, up till now, have only found myself increasingly becomming both bored and disgusted with the monotony of their content, and the irritating bombardment of pop-ups offering similar material. In your own instance, the subject matter is extremely refreshing, real, and qualitative, and certainly in my own case, depicted in such an invigorating manner, that how could I not feel myself to be sharing intuitively in the experience, with the females on camera. My thanks again for such inspiring ,as well as soul -satisfyiing work"
›› Lucius Perham

"This is without a doubt the best shit I've ever witnessed in my life. You all are genius. This is the definition of erotica. Seriously. Y'all deserve a frickin award. "
›› Kevin

"Wow, this is so different and very cool. The real beauty of the female being is in complete form. No sex doll garbage that so many sites offer. I'm a guy and enjoy masturbation as part of my sex life. I prefer sensual, deep sexual experiences, both with a partner and without. Most guys are probably intimidated in expressing this about themselves, but I was moved by this site. I love watching a woman masturbate. It turns me on beyond belief. IFM is natural, intimate and warm. Your site is refreshing and spiritual. Thanks."
›› Rip Booker

"Congratulation for the new great success! Of course, immediately I bought my Premium Membership. You can't find...a more erotic site on the whole web. Its really worth the money."
›› uri

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"So, I thought. It is finally here. I logged on and registered with I FEEL MYSELF with some trepidation, fully expecting to be disappointed. I wasn't. I have just finished watching all of the vids and each is breathtaking in its own individual way. The creators have managed to retain all of the integrity, and the added dimensions of nudity and whole body shots only enhance the beauty and sensuality of the submissions where I had expected it to cheapen them. Congratulations seems such a petty and insubstantial word for what you have managed to achieve with the new site. I look forward to future submission, (particularly the lap dancing one. WOW!!!!), with great anticipation. If anyone reading this has not yet registered with I FEEL MYSELF I urge you to do so."
›› elfman11

"... They have made what might be the internet's first serious site for video erotica. A site that takes its production, customers and content equally seriously, producing erotica with an afterthought that's not going to their bank accounts, but to the actual aesthetic and erotic values of the work produced. Far removed from smutty porn, but no less exciting or 'dirty', quite the contrary actually... revel in the amazing work of erotic art and sexual positivity that is I Feel Myself."
›› Nowaysis

"... goes far above and beyond anything that I expected. Max is a genius with the editing. The ambience created by the lighting is amazing and really adds a special touch as well...I have been reticent and cynical about [BA] being classified as "ART". However, the creative talents of all involved in [IFM], in my opinion definitely calls for such a definition. The special touches in all of the clips thus far really pull you into the experience, which is what art should do if it's done well..."
›› Garybobs

"... I think I have subscribed to my very last, no... its way too classy and way too good to be called a porn site, ever. Fantastic in every respect. One of the things that I enjoyed most is the brief moment the editors put at the end of each clip, when the artists finished and were trying to compose themselves. It was like a brief moment of quiet introspection and you wondered what was going through their minds. These sites are stimulating both sexually and intellectually."
›› panthr6868

"Congratulations to all who have pulled this together and the lovely Liandra for her superb introduction. It's good to see so many contributors and members from both side here already."
›› Belgareth

"...You have successfully, tastefully and very erotically captured what may very well be the most beautiful sight on our planet, the female orgasm. ...The orgasm that a woman can give herself from her own manipulations is probably her most intense. To me this is one of the things which makes masturbation such a beautiful act ... because I think a woman's entire body is beautiful. This must certainly include her genitals which are also beautiful to behold and in my humble opinion are the very essence of her femininity. To be able to witness her whole body as the ecstasy of her orgasm washes over her is just a marvelous sight..."
›› mcman

"At last. The site so many of us have been waiting for, and it was worth the wait. The girls are all fantastic and I can't wait for the new ones to arrive. Well done team!"
›› bluey2

"Those who are familiar with the deliciously devilish Beautful Agony know that the hottest thing on earth is watching girls and boys have richter scale tipping orgasms. But until now, we've only seen them from the neck up. As molten hot as this is, I for one have always wanted to see the rest of the picture. Now you can."

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