The G-Spot

Real Female Masturbation

The G-Spot By J. Foley

The G spot is named after the famous German gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg. It came to be known as the G-spot, and Dr Grafenberg found immortality in the name of a vaginal pleasure zone. The G spot, or Grafenberg Spot is an area inside a woman, alledged to give her better orgasms and massive pleasure. Some hypothesize that the G-spot is a bundle of nerves extending from the clitoris, others think that the G-spot is a gland that provides lubrication, resembling the prostate gland in men. In 1981 sexologists Whipple and Perry published a revolutionary book, The G-spot, which revived Grafenberg's research and elaborated emphatically on the fantastic sexual possibilities of this special zone.

Some women have orgasms through G-spot stimulation alone, others prefer a combination of G-spot and clitoral arousal. Some people have the sudden urge to urinate when pressure is placed on the G-spot, so its advised women should urinate before G-Spot stimulation, because it relaxes her to pay attention to the sensation, instead of worrying about urination.

To locate your "G-spot", wait till you are feeling very turned on, then squat or lie on your stomach and place one or two fingers into your vagina (about two or three inches in, along the line of the urethra). The spot needs to be pressed quite firmly, and if you feel close to orgasm, rapid pumping may be most effective. It can be difficult to achieve orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone, especially if you?re newly exploring this area.

The G-spot's location differs from woman to woman, so take your time and discover the location of your personal pleasure spot. While teaching your body to have G-spot orgasms, use other stimulation to provide additional pleasure. It is difficult to maintain this pressure for long so you may want to try using a G- spot vibrator. These are similar to regular cylindrical vibrators but they have a slight curve at the end which is designed to vibrate against your G-spot.

When with your partner Insert one or two fingers into your woman's vagina, finding the G spot and pressing down firmly on it. The G spot will most likely feel different in texture than the surrounding areas of the vaginal wall. The wall will usually feel firm and tight while the g spot is generally similar in texture to wrinkled skin. Press down on the g spot each time your fingers pass back over it, and ask your partner to describe the pace at which she enjoys this motion the most. Use your partner's vocal expressions of her enjoyment to guide the amount of pressure and speed you use to stimulate her G spot. Ask your partner whether she feels comfortable with you using your tongue in combination with your fingers to stimulate her G spot and massage her vagina.

Oral sex, used in conjunction with G spot stimulation, is likely to bring a woman to orgasm without much difficulty. Use your tongue motions to stimulate the outer area of the vagina, as well as the clitoris, while you use your fingers to massage her G spot. And when you insert your index finger into your girlfriends vagina, instead of curling your middle finger up, arch it backwards and use the under pad of your middle finger to gently caress your girlfriends G spot in circular motions, or back and forth, or up and down, as you lick her clitoris, alternating between fingering her rapidly until she experiences her first ever simultaneous vaginal, clitoral, G spot orgasm.

Try using sex toys to stimulate your partner's G spot. The G-spot vibrator measures 6 1/2 inches in length and 3 1/2 inches in cicumference at widest point. there are ten rather powerful speeds controlled by two easy touch buttons and the smooth plastic shaft is vertically ribbed and curved at the end to fit snugly into your G-spot. The main reason you'll love this vibe is the wonderfully firm but flexible quality of the shaft, and a close second is the powerful and "virtually silent" vibrating bullet-specifically its location at the curved and rounded G-spot tip. There is tons of information out there to tell you, but I suggest getting a g-spot vibrator and using that while stimulating the clitoris.

Interestingly enough, this August, Dr Terence Hines, Professor of Psychology at New York's Pace University, published a report in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology claiming that evidence for the existence of the G-spot is no more than anecdotal. Hines reviewed all the past research on the subject and concluded that the G-spot was "a sort of gynaecological UFO: much searched for, much discussed, but unverified by objective means". At the end of the day though, whether the G-spot is a biological organ, is largely irrelevant if stimulating the area creates a pleasant sensation.

So women,it could take many sessions of playing and experimenting with your G-spot to really feel these sensations from stimulation, so be patient. Remember, this unique pleasure spot requires firmer pressure and quick rubbing strokes, not in-and-out thrusting. As you feel your way through the different sensations while exploring your G-spot, use your other hand or a vibrating bullet to incorporate clitoral stimulation. This combination of G-spot and clitoral stimulation creates pure delight for many women.

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Article Written By J. Foley


Clitoral Stimulation

Real Female Masturbation

Clitoral Stimulation

Most women find that clitoral stimulation is the best way to achieve orgasm, and in turn is the technique most used during masturbation. Clitoral stimulation is wonderful, but its been shown that women can have orgasms from many different forms of stimulation. Constant clitoral stimulation is required by some women to become sexually aroused. This is because significant clitoral stimulation is not obtained with intercourse alone. So sexual stimulation of the clitoris is very definitly well established as a trigger for orgasm for most women.

It should be mentioned, a recent research found that, at least in some women, both vaginal and clitoral stimulation is needed to provide a so-called complete orgasm. Some men actually believe that women only need vaginal stimulation to reach an orgasm, even though, for some women, clitoral stimulation is the actual key to orgasmic pleasure. But on the other hand, for some women intercourse is enough to reach climax, although I think there's a clear distinction between vaginal and clitoral orgasms, which is a whole other topic to write about sometime.

Women know how to have orgasms but do not feel free to express this during sex with men. Some women feel that touching their bodies to find their erotic spots is taboo, because society suppresses the idea of clitoral stimulation. So its well advised for women to be more relaxed and confident about their bodies, and to be upfront about what they really prefer from their partners, also to feel free to masturbate and to find a sexual partner who will also provide them with clitoral stimulation, so they can then feel more relaxed and comfortable with their lover, and maybe begin to have real orgasms due to the lack of stress.

The fact is, many women who have trouble having orgasms eventually realize that the more active a role they play in the…action, the easier it is for them to finish. And in actuality, a women's increased ease with their bodies and confidence in lovemaking continues to grow after their thirties. Also women often report that orgasms are actually more intense after the age of 40.

Most women will need clitoral stimulation prior to intercourse in order to achieve an orgasm with intercourse. This is because significant clitoral stimulation is not obtained with intercourse alone. This also offers an explanation for the puzzling fact that the key point of sexual stimulation for females is not in the vagina which receives the sexual organ of the male, but on the connected tissue of the clitoris.

So it's been stated and well documented that the vast majority of women do not experience orgasm as a result of intercourse alone, or do so inconsistently, and that clitoral stimulation is not a consistent feature of intercourse. This should be no problem though, as this can be accomplished through oral stimulation provided by their partner.

And when performing oral sex on your woman, alternate the stimulation between her genitals and other parts of her body to really turn her on. Don't just lick up and down, since concentrating on only one spot can lead to overstimulation. Experiment with speed and pressure, but try to keep a rhythm or steady pattern of movement since short spurts of erratic stimulation are likely to throw her focus off.

Done right, clitoral stimulation is the best way to bring a woman to the edge of orgasm and then take her over the edge. Effective clitoral stimulation is key in achieving satisfying sexual pleasure for your woman. Also keep in mind, for about 85% of women, clitoral stimulation is the best (and sometimes only) way for a woman to reach orgasm.
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Article Written By J. Foley