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Female ejaculation is a controversial topic that continues to cause heated debates. Female ejaculation is the g-spot's kissing cousin when it comes to "is it real or is it fake" medical debates. Because female ejaculation is neither commonly agreed upon nor well documented in the medical literature, it is not mentioned in the context of delayed orgasm for women. Thus, the female ejaculation is more likely to occur when stimulating the G-spot.

It was not until the 1980's that researchers began to accept the possibility of female ejaculation. However, it is known that female ejaculation occurs during orgasm and that not every orgasm necessarily results in ejaculation. Researchers believe massaging the G-spot is the best way to achieve female ejaculation, while some women say they have ejaculated without ever having located their G-spot.

Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid from or around the urethra. It is believed to be caused by a release of fluid from the Skene’s glands. Though the phenomenon of female ejaculation is not well understood, it is normal for women to release a spurt of liquid from their genitals during orgasm.


Many writers suggest that one of the reasons a lot of women don't ejaculate is that they hold back when the feel the urge to "release". This phenomenon is one that many women mistake for urinary incontinence, although the fluid released is actually quite different from urine. What exactly does a woman release when she ejaculates? In studies of female ejaculation, the released liquid was found not to be urine but did contain some of the components found in urine. The feeling of ejaculating is not dissimilar to peeing, a shower of warm wet liquid and a feeling of intense release. Once released, the actual ejaculation itself can be a mind-blowing experience for both partners.


Studies have shown evidence of female ejaculation in between 10 and 40% of female orgasms. However, research is being performed under the hypothesis that ejaculation can occur in all (or most) cases, but probably most of them in an amount unnoticeable in an area typically humid during sexual intercourse -- thus, those percentages would correspond to those women who do notice their ejaculation. According to some laboratory tests, the fluid coming out during a female ejaculation would be a substance with some similarities to malesemen in its composition, produced by the paraurethral glands or Skene's glands, often called "female prostate" for its similitude inplacement, structure and, given the discovery of female ejaculation,function, with the male prostate,responsible for the production of semen.

Another study was conducted with twenty-seven women; a G-spot was found in all, and ten of them experienced episodes of feminine ejaculation. This is not an uncommon occurrence, as is shown in "Female Ejaculation: Perceived Origins, the Grafenberg Spot/Area, and SexualResponsiveness," an article in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. According to the introduction, forty percent of the participants in an anonymous mail survey of 2350 women (with a fifty-five percent response rate) reported experiences of ejaculation (Darling, Davidson,Conway-Welch 29).

Female Ejaculation is carnal proof that a woman's ability to hit her lover right between the eyes with her orgasmic juice is equal to that of a man. A skill possessed by most females but in reality admitted and permitted by few, female ejaculation is one of those few remaining taboos and 'un-tapped' delights of the 21st century. Female ejaculation is a pure recreational pleasure that has no direct role in procreation, except that women who squirt may, over the millennia, have procreated more, simply because they tend to enjoy sex more. Although modern science may not know exactly yet what female ejaculation is, women who experience it, and the intense orgasms that usually accompany it, are only too happy to conduct their own experiments, and direct partners with cries of, "Oh, yes, right there.

OK so the art of female self gratification can be called having a strum, practicing guitar or many others but female ejaculation is basically knocking one out. Face it, G-spot female ejaculation is one of those decadent pleasures, like fresh oysters, that require the right circumstances and preparation, as well as post-pleasure clean-up.

Because of the increased attention paid in the popular media to female ejaculation there are many women who want to know more, and are interested in trying to ejaculate. And if you're interested in learning more about female ejaculation then you should go for it. Just try and avoid the pitfalls of performance pressure, and thinking that ejaculation is some magic bullet that will transform your sex life from humdrum to super fantastic. Female Ejaculation opens with public confirmation that this is indeed reality. Like Stonehenge, solar eclipses, and countless other wonders of nature, female ejaculation has provoked both awe and controversy.

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Article Written By J. Foley

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