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Sexual Pleasure By J. Foley

Sexual pleasure is about knowing how bodies work. It is the result of a mind/body collaboration — usually involving two minds and two bodies. One of the important issues about sexuality is that sexual health and pleasure is never only something that happens in our bodies, and that from an individual perspective, what is most important about sexual pleasure is that it is chosen and/or desirable.

In reality, sexual pleasure is related to: a person's state of mind; to respecting their partner's needs; and their own needs. How we talk about this subject sets the tone for how this pleasure is communicated, understood, and judged, individually and at a larger societal level. Some have argued that the reason we find it so difficult to talk about issues of sexual pleasure is because unlike other issues, there is no one framework or definition of sexuality from which we operate.

If sexual pleasure is an emotion, it is triggered by you and your partner?s sexual technique and your body's reactions. A lot of sexual pleasure is created by anticipation, and is important throughout your lifetime, though it may change as you go through life?s phases. And also remember that sexual pleasure is as much mental as physical and the sensuality of your body extends to every part of you.


There is a big difference between physical signs of arousal, and the individual experience of sexual pleasure. Because most of us are raised with a variety of misconceptions about sex it?s easy for us to confuse things like physical arousal and sexual pleasure, since we?re not taught to distinguish them for ourselves. I believe that understanding sexual pleasure will help people incorporate it into their own lives, while recognizing that "there are many different types and intensities of sexual pleasure.

Pain ... Cicumcision

What's most unfortunate is the fact that not only does male circumcision reduce male sexual pleasure, it also inflicts severe emotional and psychological damage upon its victims. Think about it: the penis is an organ that is connected to the processes of the brain and, aside from the overall objective of procreation, it is designed for the experience of sexual pleasure and the expression of love. So when it is mutilated with painful violence, the victim obviously suffers a permanent alteration of his brain development for the normal expression of sexual pleasure and love. All future experiences of genital pleasure involve, to certain degrees, the memory – even unconscious is of severe pain. It has been documented how the excruciating genital pain that is suffered, even "unconsciously," by a new-born male baby, has long-term, damaging consequences on his ability to separate the differences between pain and pleasure in love and intimate relationships. It is simply a fact that this reality disfigures subsequent experiences of pleasure -- and not just in the sexual context. The blurring of pain and pleasure in the developing brain provides the foundation for many circumcised males to need pain in order to experience pleasure, or vice versa.

Sexual pleasure is an important part of a normal, balanced, healthy life, and is one of the most intense human experiences. It is knowing that this person is important to you, and that you care about them and they care about you, and that you want to share with them one of the most important things you can share. Sexual pleasure is an innate component of human sexuality, and it permeates human experience. And, of course, experiencing this pleasure is vital for everyone, regardless of their couplehood status. Pleasure and sex are intertwined, and our ancestors knew it and of course we know it too, but there are some who want to pretend that sexual pleasure is immoral.

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Article Written By J. Foley

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