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Anal sex can be described as stimulation of the anus during sexual activity. It is sex is when the penis of a man enters (penetrates) the anus/rectum of another man or a woman. Anal sex is more risky than vaginal, since being very thin tissues of the anus and rectum can be easily damaged during such sexual activities, as anal intercourse or use of anal toys.

Anal sex is clearly the most dangerous, but most of that danger is diminished when condoms are used properly. Anal sex is a growing practice among heterosexual couples. Although anal sex is often thought of as a strictly homosexual activity, many heterosexual couples enjoy it too.

Unprotected anal sex is a high risk activity regardless of sexual orientation. Receptive unprotected anal sex is one of the most efficient methods of contracting HIV. A study published in The Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Aids claims awareness of the risks posed by anal sex is ignored in many of the continent's health campaigns. The only way to prevent the transmission of HIV through oral, vaginal, or anal sex is by using a latex or polyurethane barrier such as a condom. While latex condoms provide protection, their failure rate during anal sex is greater than that for vaginal or oral sex.

A survey of adults published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that; Oral sex is not considered sex by 60% of surveyed persons, and 19% say anal sex is not sex.

Anal Sex Myths

Myth #1: Anal sex is dirty and messy. Myth #2: Anal sex is always painful for the person on the receiving end. Myth #3: Anal sex is the easiest way to get AIDS. Myth #4: Women don't enjoy receiving anal sex; they do it just to please their partners.


Women have anal sex to please themselves and/or their partner, to prevent pregnancy or preserve virginity. Many young people, particularly young women, believe that by having anal (instead of vaginal) intercourse they are protecting their virginity. Women who have unprotected sex, particularly anal sex, with men are at increased risk for HIV infection.

On the other hand,many women are reluctant to experiment with anal sex because of the many myths and misconceptions that surround the practice. Though evidence shows that receptive anal sex increases a man's chance of contracting HIV, there are little data documenting the risk of anal sex for women, Although a growing number of women have become infected through vaginal sex with men who are HIV infected. Though women are at greater risk for HIV infection through vaginal sex than men, HIV is found in vaginal fluids and menstrual blood and can be transmitted to male partners, particularly if there is a cut or sore on the penis.

20% of women have experienced anal sex. Among women, anal sex rates varied from 23% in one national 1994 survey to 51% among young people in Seattle attending STD clinics. Other surveys suggest that seven times as many women as gay men engage in anal intercourse, a figure reflecting the greater overall heterosexual population. In fact, some women are able to orgasm from anal stimulation alone.

Anal sex is portrayed as quite normal in porn imagery, but, in reality, it occurs much less frequently than other sexual behaviors. Although the wild success of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men makes it clear that anal sex is hitting the mainstream. The idea of anal sex is becoming less taboo in today's culture and more commonplace, which could be the reason for the higher reporting. Prevalence estimates in the United States show that over one fourth of heterosexual men, as well as over one fifth of heterosexual women, have ever engaged in anal intercourse.
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