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An explanation for the origin of the female orgasm could be based on what is known as the "by-product" theory, which holds that orgasm is a trait that is heavily selected in males (reproduction wouldn't happen without it). " But from an evolutionary vantage, we recognize that the female and male orgasm are fundamentally different, in that the male orgasm is essential to reproduction whereas the female orgasm is not. Trying to figure out the evolutionary purpose of the female orgasm is a worthy science project. Some scientists do not believe that the female orgasm is an evolutionarily adapted trait, while others have found evidence that it may just be in a woman's genes.

Some say the female orgasm is important physiologically, to relive congestion in the pelvic area, and psychologically, to give emotional satisfaction. The female orgasm is marked by the contraction of the pubococygeus muscle. and possibly One function of the female orgasm is to help draw sperm along through the female reproductive tract, while the associated pleasurable sensations may aid pair bonding. It also suggests that the elusiveness of the female orgasm is evolved, probably because it confers a reproductive advantage that is triggered only with a particularly desirable partner.

If mutual pleasuring and long-term sexual fulfillment are understood as an aspect of the natural selection process, then it can be argued that the female orgasm is an inherent screening device, and that couples who are more attuned to each other and more sexually fit (mutually orgasmic) are more likely to stay together and have more babies than their sexually unfulfilled counterparts.

The female orgasm seems to hold a strange fascination for researchers. The female orgasm is something of a mystery to scientists. Females don't have to have orgasms to bring forth children, so why do they have orgasms? Females of almost no other species appear to have them -- so why do humans? In contrast to the male orgasm which has a very clear biological purpose – to impregnate – it seems that people have not been able to find a clear biological purpose for the female orgasm. Maybe, the female orgasm doesn't need a purely biological purpose. Female sexuality, and the female orgasm specifically, is one of the least understood physiological phenomena.

One theory is that it is a tool for mate selection, the idea being that males best able to bring females to orgasm are also the best males to help raise children. But how to account for female orgasm, when nearly three-quarters of women don't always reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Another is that the female orgasm produces movements that increase sperm uptake, and therefore fertility. The contractions of the female reproductive tract that accompany orgasm increase the likelihood that sperm will be drawn up further into the uterus and fallopian tubes, thus increasing the probability that the sperm will, in fact, meet the egg. I have also heard that if the female orgasms before the male that the orgasmic contractions are no longer present, this migration effect is not observed, and acidic fluids are absorbed into the uterus which can be detrimental to the sperm deposited in the vagina following the female orgasm.

So what actually happens during a female orgasm and what are the detailed mechanics that would cause to maximize the likelihood of pregnancy? A scientific documentary featured scientists in white robes inserting a miniature camera into the female vagina during the orgasm and the camera revealed the elusive truth that so many had been pursuing for years. What the camera showed was a female uterus jumping forward like a vacuum pump and sucking up the semen from the vagina. hence, the female orgasm, specifically, the evolutionary reason for the female orgasm.

According to Ian Kerner, clinical sexologist and evangelist of the female orgasm, oral sex has long been deemed an optional aspect of foreplay, but, in fact, it's coreplay -- simply the best way for leading a woman through the entire process of sexual response. " Since studies show the average woman takes about 20 minutes to reach her first orgasm during a typical sex session, while men take a mere four minutes, Kerner advises men to delay their own climax and make oral sex "coreplay" ("the substantive phase in which sexual tension builds, culminates and then releases itself through the female orgasm"),instead of foreplay.

The key to female arousal seems rather to be deep relaxation and a lack of anxiety, with direct sensory input from the genitals playing a less critical role. The scans show that during sexual activity, the parts of the female brain responsible for processing fear, anxiety and emotion start to relax and reduce in activity. This reaches a peak at orgasm, when the female brain’s emotion centres are effectively closed down to produce an almost trance-like state.

How strange to think that there would be any question about the role of the female orgasm. The orgasm, male or female, and the less intense joys of touch are what make sex fun. The fact that the female orgasm occurs most often outside of pure intercourse is also evidence that the point of the sex act is not only to reproduce.

The female orgasm is one of the biggest mysteries in our culture. For, while the clitoris is clearly built for bliss, understanding female sexuality is as complicated as Euclidean geometry, and the female orgasm is the final exam. Female orgasm could be seen as a political act; given how much space is devoted in western philosophy debating the sexuality of women, it's apparent that women's capacity for pleasure scares the shit out of a lot of people. The survival of the species requires more than brawn (the strongest male gets the female), it needs brains and the ability to be good nurturers and providers.

As women everywhere will attest, when it comes to understanding female sexuality, most guys know more about what's under the hood of a car than under the hood of a clitoris. And while it seems that men have struggled valiantly since the dawn of time to find ways to reliably elicit the female orgasm, rare is the guy who has the modesty to ask: "What do I do. Welcome to the world of She Comes First, where the mystery of female satisfaction is solved, and the tongue is proven mightier than the sword. So Im sure most would agree, the female orgasm is one of life's great pleasures, for everyone involved, and is every woman’s right to enjoy as nature intended.
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Article Written By J. Foley

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